Where does the race start?

The race will start at the USS KIDD Battleship in Downtown Baton Rouge.

How many runner’s are there on a team?

Teams may consist of 2,3, or 6 members. The race can also be done as an individual Ultra-Marathon.

What is the total distance?

The race is approximately 126.2 miles

How many legs are there?

6 person teams will have 30 legs (5 legs per runner)

3 person teams will have 15 legs (5 legs per runner)

2 person teams will have 8-10 legs (4-5 legs per runner)

How long is each leg? (Distances will vary. )

Leg lengths will vary depending on the team size.

6 person teams will run between 3-5 miles per leg

3 person teams will run between 6-10 miles per leg

2 person teams will run between 12-18 miles per leg

Will there be aid stations on the course?

There will be a four major aid stations and a few liquid only aid stations on the course. However, it is up to each team to bring their own food and fluids.

Where does the race end?

The race will end in Audubon park near the New Orleans Zoo.

Is there an age limit for runners?

There is no age limit for runners. However, anyone under the age of 18 must have a parent or legal guardian sign a waiver. There must be at least one person per van that is over the age of 21. This person does not have to be a runner.

Is there a cutoff time?

The cutoff time for both teams and individuals is 40 hours

How do I know my pace?

Each runner should use their 10K pace to determine pace for the race. You can then use it to help determine overall finish time. Click here to view a pace calculator.

Can someone other than a runner be in a team van?

Yes. We recommend that each team find someone to drive the van. This will allow the runners to rest between legs. We also recommend teams of 1,2, or 3 to have pacers on board to help with the night runs and later miles.

Are pacers allowed on the course?

Yes. We highly recommend pacers/crew for all solo runners and teams of 2 &3 people.

Where can I find a team, find runners for my team, and share/get advice on the Rouge-Orleans?

We have set up a Facebook Page to help match runners with teams and keep everyone updated with the race.

Will there be an online coaching and training program for the race?

Yes. We have partnered with ultra-marathon coach Jimmy Dean Freeman of Los Angeles, California. Coach Freeman coaches the Coyote Running Club, which is one of the top ultra distance clubs in the country.

How can I volunteer on Race Day?

Volunteers are the backbone of this event. You or someone you know would like to volunteer please visit the volunteer page of the website.

Once registered how do I change our team name, make substitutions or update finish time?

Once registered, our online registration center will allow each team captain to make all the relevant changes to the team.

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