Relay Information

Why should I run an ultra relay?

Simply put, it’s the most fun you’ll ever have. If you’ve never run a relay like this before, than you’re in for a real treat. Imagine you and a group of your closest friends (or new friends) running down the longest river in America, living in a van for a day, smelling each other’s funk, and partying it up in New Orleans. We have no doubt that it’s an experience you’ll never forget.

2 Person team

This is the perfect size team for anyone who is in incredible running shape, but is not up for running the race solo. The obvious benefits of the 2 person team are the rest intervals between legs. This will give each runner plenty of time to recover, refuel and rehydrate. Each runner will run 4-5 legs, with each leg being between 12-18 miles. this comes out to approximately 62 miles per runner. This is a very challenging an should only be attempted by top notch runners.

3 Person team

If you’ve run a marathon and are looking for a new challenge then this one’s for you. The added benefit to a 3 person team is having another runner in the vehicle to hang out with during your recovery intervals. Each runner will run 5 legs of 6-10 miles. This comes out to approximately 41 miles per runner. This is a tough team, but if you’re in marathon shape you’ll find it to be the perfect challenge.

6 Person team

What happens in the van stays in the van. Most of the teams in the race will be in this category. It is the most doable and definitely the most fun. Each member of the team will run 5 legs averaging around 4 miles per leg. As one person is running, the others are partying it up in the van.

Team Captains & Registration

Each team will assign a team captain. It is up to the captain to register the entire team for the event and provide all of the appropriate information. All email correspondence for the race will be through the captain, and it is the his/her responsibility to keep their teammates up to date. If a team needs to make a change to the team it is up to the captain to do so. This includes, but is not limited to replacing teammates and changing estimated finish time. Visit the registration page for more information.

Team matching

If you’re a runner looking for a team or a team looking for a runner join our facebook page. Through our discussion board you will be able to find exactly what you’re looking for

Team vehicles

2 and 3 person teams may use any mode of transportation. We recommend that all 6 person teams have some type of van or large SUV. Only one vehicle is allowed per team, so make sure it’s  big enough to fit everyone comfortably. See the rules and regulations page for more info on team vehicles.

Team Classifications

Gender Divisions
Mixed (men & women)


High School
Masters (over 40)
Running Store
Running Clubs

Wave Starts & Pace Requirements

Teams will start at different times depending on the estimated finishing time submitted during the registration process. Waves starts will be announced 5 weeks before the event. The cutoff time for the first wave is 40 hours.

Leg Lengths