Volunteers are the backbone of this event. Without them there is now way this could take place. The race starts in Baton Rouge and finishes at Audubon in New Orleans. Along the way there are 30 Exchange Zones (EZ), where runners will hand off the baton to their teammates. Each EZ is staffed by volunteers that help manage the flow of vehicles and runners coming through their area.

Each EZ will be identified by a  number (EZ-1). Volunteers will be provided with the open and close times of each EZ. We require that volunteers remain at their EZs until they have officially closed. Staffing these shifts is also possible. The average duration of each EZ is around 8 hours, with some being closer to 12 hours. Assignments for EZs will be first come, first serve.

Become a volunteer

To become a volunteer email us and let us know that you are interested at jeff@forgeracing.net

Click Here to view a map of the Exchange Zones. (Available December 1st)

All Volunteers

  1. Bullet    Will receive an official Rouge-Orleans “volunteer” shirt.
  2. Bullet    Must sign a waiver of liability.
  3. Bullet    Are responsible for their own transportation to and from their designated TA assignment.
  4. Bullet    Are responsible for their own food and drink during the event.
  5. Bullet    May be asked to attend a pre-event informational meeting or participate on a conference call.

Volunteer Duties

  1. Bullet    Direct runner’s to the correct exchange zones.
  2. Bullet    Direct and assist in team vehicle parking
  3. Bullet    Recording team numbers and clock times as racers enter the relay exchange zones
  4. Bullet    Ensure that runners are wearing race number and appropriate attire.
  5. Bullet    Assist and/or direct runners to food, water and restroom.
  6. Bullet    Assist in final clean up of site, including removing signage and trash.